Vietnam War - Which current situation is it most similar to or relates to?

Aug 2012
Do you think there are any situations in the world today which the Vietnam War is either in some way similar to or the lessons of the war relate to in any way?


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Jun 2015
Maybe Syria.

Vietnam was a proxy war, mixed with a war of containment. The USA wanted to stop communism spreading, and both the USSR and China supported the Viet Cong. The USA wants to stop ISIS.


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Jun 2014
Lisbon, Portugal
I think the current Yemeni conflict is more similar to Vietnam’s than Syria’s conflict


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Jan 2007
Bit off topic, but how far were the US from using nukes in Vietnam?
The whole point of the Cold War, on both sides, was to NOT use ANY nuclear weapons. That's how it got it's name - the sand turned to glass from the heat at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It worked, thank God. Nobody wanted to be the first to fire it up again.