Viking/anc. german festival/holy days?

Oct 2016
I'm making a viking age rune calendar. What holy days vikings or ancient germans did have? What does sagas say? I've found only about 20 seasonal anniversalies, so if there are other local or non-local things, I'm ready to accept it as a compromise.

1.1 New year
2.1 Distaff day for Frigga. Asatru thing (A)?
20.1. Thorrablot (A?)
31.1. Disablot, honored for Disir (A?)
4.2. "charming the plow" (A?)
28.2 leap day
20.3. Vernal equinox
14.4. "summer days"
30.4.-1.5. may day
20-22.6. midsummer
13.7. hottest day in summer
23.8. beginning of harvest
23.9. autumnal equinox
14.10 winter days
2.11. festival of Odin (A?)
11.11. heroes' day (A?)
27.11. feast of Ullr (A?)
20.12. winter solstice
22.12. yule feast
31.12. end of yule celebration (A?)