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Dec 2014
The Reich lab doesn't yet have all the Indian subcontinental data on R1a. I say that on the basis that India is too under-sampled compared to the US or Europe; there is a publication underway at the moment that is trying to plug the gap on Indian R1a to an extent. This paper will bring novel R1a SNPs from India to the fore

Plus, Reich et al have just received data from genomewide analysis that shows steppe component in India is not being dictated by R1a as the two groups with max steppe in India are both Hg L heavy (nearly as much L or in case of Haryana Jats even more L than R1a)

I'm pretty sure Reich et al are already making adjustments to their model that may lead to a new conclusion from that lab

Thanks @Kadi. Unfortunately I sense something beyond research from Reich and Co. I hope what I suspect isn't true.
Sep 2016
Most Slavs consider us as some kind pure Slavs. We are not pure Slavs, in my opinion.
When Slavs (Russians, Poles, Czechs, Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Bulgarians) are asking about Slavicness they are referencing to us.
I wish they never made a reference to us.
Oh, don't make things up.
Dec 2017
A certain person appeared from nowhere accusing me of making things up? In such situations we say: 'Begone'!.
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Sep 2016
I make things up?
Of course. Ask any Slav, no one will tell you that Rugevit are the most Slavic because:
1. This question doesn't make any sense, you can't really define slavicness and people can't be expected to have any deeper knowledge about anyone, but their closest neighbours.
2. No such group as Rugevit exists. I don't know from where you pulled this fantasy.