Vikings in the Desert ! ?? America Unearthed May 28

Oct 2014
See me show Scott Wolter a petroglyph in Baja California that may show a Viking ship sailed off the coast of Baja California. Scott first looks at a Viking artifact found in Arizona. Then searches for a Viking ship in California's desert. Finally, I join the tv crew and take them to a site in Baja I have been visiting since 1974... Tuesday night on the Travel Channel (10 pm Eastern, 9 Central, 7 or 10 Pacific... depending on cable company). Online at if you don't have cable or the Travel Channel.
I wrote an article about doing the show with the America Unearthed TV crew:
TV’s ‘America Unearthed’ Goes to Baja :: Baja Travel Adventures - Baja Bound Insurance



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Oct 2011
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Scott Wolter is a scholar who in some way inverts the process of scientific communication. First of all you need to verify, after investigating, than you communicate. He did the other way round, partially: he communicates while he is still investigating. This works on TV and to gain audience ... it's not so proper for academic environments.

Anyway it's a kind of "fashion" we can note also among academics [remember Reeves and the tomb of Nefertiti beyond a wall of Tut's burial chamber ... he communicated this to the world even before that a scientific team verified his supposition ... and for a couple of years there was an alive expectation to find for real the sarcophagus of the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten ... with her mummy inside, of course]. Channels like Nat Geo, Discovery, History Channel make business with these kinds of television series.
Oct 2014
Well, tonight is the show. I hope you like it. It is supposed to be entertaining so that more people will enjoy it. It is great that history can be made interesting. Nobody is saying for sure that Vikings were in the desert. Instead, Scott Wolter investigates things that could show history is not the way we've been told. Enjoy it and have a look at the "other California" that is south of the U.S. border in the third part that I am in. Depending on your cable provider, the show airs tonight at 7 & 9, or 10 & midnight Eastern & Pacific). Travel Channel, America Unearthed, Vikings in the Desert (Season 4, Episode 1).
Mar 2018
My question was slightly tongue-in-cheek. As far as my personal opinion is worth anything here, I don't want particularly want to get the thread banned. It would be nice however if thread creators (be it here, or the ones advertising their youtube videos) actually got involved in a discussion rather than just promoting.

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