Vikings season four - potential spoilers and thoughts


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Jun 2015
It's only a month until it comes out. :cool:

Big thing for me is if Rollo will betray Ragnar again, or if Floki will be punished for killing Athelstan. I personally sided with Rollo to some degree in the earlier betrayal with Jarl Borg.

King Ecbert needs some seeing too, on many levels. imho for seducing his son's wife.


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Apr 2010
I'm wrapping up season 3 on Prime. I can't wait for season 4 to get here. I hope Floki does get some kind of punishment thrown his way.
Jun 2013
Siberia, deep in taiga
Having seen the whole series, I thought the quality was a bit variable from episode to episode. On the whole though the atmosphere of the show is great and the story line is compelling enough to leave me waiting for the fourth season. They seem to have made an effort to put in lots of historically accurate touches. And not a horned helmet in sight, thankfully.

Floki will convert to Christianity, I think. Or make another vulnerable deed again.
Aug 2015
Korean in Canada
Man I'm so behind... season 4 already? I think last time I saw it was like, early season 3 when I left US. Need to catch back on it.


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Oct 2012
I'd say Black Sails is giving it a run for its money. Both in terms of writing, and the costume department.
I'd rate Black Sails as the far better of the two. Black Sails is better written and acted on the whole.

That isn't to say that Vikings isn't entertaining as well...just that I think it's got a slightly more B-movie quality to it at times than Black Sails, at least if comparing Seasons 2 and 3 of Black Sails to recent seasons of Vikings. Season 1 was a bit weaker.