Vinča script - a myth


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TIL criticizing Serb pseudohistory means I am shitting on my own people. If anything, ultranationalistic BS only makes actual Serb arguments on controversial subjects less credible.


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Yes, because you are politicizing like a fool when the inquiry is not political. This is the inquiry.
1. Whether the symbols constitute a script (like Mayan symbols or hieroglyphs etc.)
2. Whether the symbols form the basis for subsequent scripts.

For example this:

And there is no room for your stoner political garbage. No, you cannot sht on Serbia and Serbians. We are better than your sorry terrorist ass.

You want to talk politics? You are not a Serb, you are Croatian terrorist monkey!
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2. The arguments around Vinča writing cannot be separated from nationalism because the belief about Vinča script is mostly held by ultranationalists who use it to declare Serbs the oldest people in Europe. It is a nationalistic theory. It is not an accident that Etruscans supposedly called themselves Rascians according to the proponents of the theory. Rascian is an old term used to describe Serbs so the theory pretty much states that Etruscans were Serbs.
I would be a bit more careful in dealing with those Etruscans and their offsprings. If You continue, I'm afraid You will have some proto-Magyars on Your back too: maybe Serbs are direct descendants of Etruscans, but mind You, Etruscan are descendents of first Magyars, that came here around 6-7,000 BC! :D

BTW, my respects for Your reserve in Your reaction to the greatest post.
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I didn't realize that there are monkeys in Croatia.
If one of the Kings of the Hellenes could die of a monkey bite (and that is actual history) then it is probably warm enough in Croatia to provide a home for monkeys?

Southeast Europe is popping in the whole prehistory scene over that last three years, isn't it?


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Southeast Europe is popping in the whole prehistory scene over that last three years, isn't it?
Unfortunately often connected to pseudohistorical claims like these. For example, we have the Bosnian pyramids claim in which a guy named Semir Osmanagić, who is not even an archeologist, attempted to prove that hills around the town of Visoko are actually pyramids older than those in Egypt. His claims were rightfully ridiculed but unfortunately acquired a nationalistic dimension where some critics of Osmanagić's "work" have been accused of being anti-Bosnian and stuff like that.
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I find it sad that a culture so far away in time can be abused for a nationalist purpose.

But none the less, I have tried to make my completely unprofessional stray thoughts on the subject.

If you compare the Vinca script and pictograms from North American tribes, one sees that some of the North American pictograms have evolved into abstract patterns that still have a certain meaning without having developed into a regular alphabet.

However, as I understand it, people did not need to know the story they told as long as they knew the meaning of the signs.

But the problem is probably that when we do not know the exact meaning behind the abstract characters in the Vinca script, it is impossible to decipher their meaning whether it was a real picture alphabet or just signs to support the memory.

Has anyone tried to make an overview of the possible development of the characters?

Some of the drawings are just like doodles made by a child, could they be an attempt to depict a hallucination of some sort?
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The Vinca symbols are real but your image is fake. They don't really look like that. The Vinca script is taken seriously by some respected archaeologists and linguists. The linguist Harald Harman has written in depth on the subject, he argues that Vinca is an early form of writing and that Linear A and Linear B are derived from it or influenced by it. He also argues that the Phoenician script is partly derived from Linear A/B and or Vinca. The Greek alphabet is in turn partly derived from Phoenician, with the additional Greek letters coming from Linear A/ B. if this is correct it would mean that modern European alphabets are at least partly derived from the Vinca script.

The Vinca culture also has the earliest known evidence of metallurgy in the world, along with the largest quantity of early metallurgical artefacts. The nearby Varna culture in Bulgaria has burials from 4500-4000 BC that contain more gold than the rest of the world combined before 3500 BC. Eastern Europe from the Balkans to Ukraine was the most advanced place in the world during the Copper Age.

You can read most of Haarmann's book online through two Google Book previews:

'Early Civilization and Literacy in Europe', 1995

Early Civilization and Literacy in Europe

Early Civilization and Literacy in Europe

'The Lost World of Old Europe', NY University, 2010:

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The Vinca symbols are real but your image is fake. They don't really look like that.
Of course they don't. The whole point of my OP was to show that Vinča script did not look like that, if it existed at all. It is possible that symbols and inscriptions found at Vinča may have influenced the development of writing systems, but that was not the point of my post. The point was to show that the theory that the Vinča script was some sort of proto-Serbian Cyrillic as is so often claimed is not correct.
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