Visual Depictions and Portraiture of Historical Figures

Nov 2018
The scholars dispute whether the Arles bust is a depiction of Gaius Julius Caesar or not,

unlike the Tusculum bust that was made in his lifetime and resembles the images on coins.

But IMHO like a Janus head they show the two sides of his personality, the raw soldier and general who fought against the Gauls and who did not hesitate to grab a spade and dig with his men and the sleek and cynical aristocrat and politician.
Mar 2016
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The Colossus of Constantine (r. 306-337). It has been argued that it is a re-cut Colossus of Maxentius (r. 306-312), a re-cut Colossus of Hadrian (r. 117-138), and a Colossus of Hadrian that was re-cut into the face of Maxentius before being re-cut into that of Constantine.
Whoever it originally was, they officially were the first anime character in history. Just look at those eyes.

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