Visual Depictions and Portraiture of Historical Figures

Oct 2009
San Diego
If we want to indulge to consider the representations coming form the so called "Amarna Period" ... Nefertiti had a personal sculpture ... Thutmose.

This guy realized something eternal:
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Y'know how this ended up in Germany?

The archaeologist digging at Amarna had a contract that stated any artifacts he found made of Marble, Limestone, Granite, Basalt, Gold, or containing lapis lazuli or other precious gems were the property of the Egyptian government.

They neglected to list Plaster.
Apr 2018
1. Stenka Razin crossing the Caspian by Vasily Surikov (1906). I call it "The royal pain in the a**/The pain in the royal a**"-


2. Execution of Stenka Razin by Sergei Kirillov (1988) -


Among all others, these two paintings probably best capture the man's emotions in two most important moments of his life.

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