W. Churchill was the man who destroyed the BE.

Mar 2019
At that time? Was that from a distance
Australian troops began arriving the month after Dunkirk. There was already Canadian and Indian forces in action and actually fought in Dunkirk. India went on to field nearly 2.5 million men during the war. By the end of the War Canada had the third or 4th largest navy in the world.

Lord Fairfax

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Jan 2015
Changing trains at Terrapin Station...
I guess we would need to hear the alternatives. The UK lost India by basically having to agree to independence if the Indians fought for the UK.
Churchill never agreed to allow Indian independence, nor even Dominion status, he had the Congress leaders thrown in jail.
By 1947 the U.K. government had changed, and separation was inevitable


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Jul 2011
Churchill was a militarist and British imperialist. He was brought in as the right man to take a tough line against Germany when everything else failed. He played a big role in the repression and violence by the Black and Tans and so on in Ireland. He has a bad reputation in Iran from the 1941 Anglo-Soviet invasion and the 1953 Anglo-US coup.

The conservatives lost in 1945 partly because of fears that Churchill would get into a war with the Soviet Union or a war to hold on to India. It was the Labour government to let India go. Churchill was strongly opposed to the disolution of the British Empire.

As pointed out, France and Portugal tried to hold on to their overseas empires with no success, so it was reasonable that Britain tried to salvage what it could. Some countries have the queen as head of state, and most for colonies are members of the British Commonwealth.