want to discuss the historical Jezebel, Jehu, Jehoahaz & Jehoash

Jun 2017
from 850-800 BC, the kings of Israel and Judah always had the same names at the same times.

So I suspect that the Royal genealogies were redacted, turning single kings of united Israel and Judah into doppelganger twins... Ultimately. Because of the nefarious influences of Jezebel. And a resulting desire to separate out those influences. Relegating them to fictitious Sinful Northern Israelite Kings. So as to maintain an appearance of spiritual theological purity. In Judah in the South.

The tel Dan inscription. Records. "Jehoram, Son of Ahab". And "Ahaziah son of Jehoram". Using that as a guide I offered the following reconstruction. Of. this speculated original. Royal genealogy

applying and algorithmic mechanical principle of merging all reduplicated names into single. Historical figures. The archaeological attestation of "Jehoram, son of Ahab". Implies that Jehoram, Son of Jehoshaphat. is The doppelganger. Jehoram was the biological son of a hab and the son in law of Jehoshaphat. There by heir to both kingdoms. Which he United under his name.

Straightforward mechanical algorithmics application of the principle of merging and combining all reduplicated names into single historical individual figures. There, after. Results in the following figure. According to which Jehoahaz AKA. Ahaziah. Son of Jehoram . Was actually a male lineal descendant? Of Ahab and Omri. Not Solomon and David.

His son Joash. Survived the purge against. The. Male descendants of Ahab. He ruled a reunited Israel and Judah, which resurged under his leadership, according to the Bible.

When he was assassinated the Kingdom was divided between his sons. Jeroboam in the North. And. Amaziah. Son of A daughter of Jerusalem in the South.