War of Secession and foreigners


Jan 2018
San Antonio
my favorite was the Prussian gunner who communiqued with his crew with hand gestures
Hubert Dilger. He was one of the few soldiers of the 11th Corps who distinguished himself at Chancellorsville. He was transferred west to the Army of the Cumberland and in Georgia sighted the rifled cannon that put a bolt through the rebel General Polk who was exposed atop Pine Mountain, thus doing the rebellion a great service.
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Oct 2019
A book was published at the beginning of this year about the French volunteers in the both sides. "Les français dans la guerre de secession" by Farid AMEUR, the French specialist of the American Civil War.
Several hundreds, even thousands involved in the American Civil war. Less in proportion than some others nationalities, but for one important reason: Napoleon III didn't give the right to the French citizens to took part in the conflit. France was officially neutral (for several reasons, especially the French war in Mexico.)
Worst, it could be punishable, by the loss of the French citizenship. If someone is interested, I can take more accurate information in the book.