Was Elizabeth I REALLY a virgin?


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Dec 2015
Or does it really matter?
After all, she did not have any known children at all, and the modern psychology's obsession with sex (Sigmund Freud, who is often called "Sickman Fraud") doesn't help either.
By the way, on the our previous discussion about Jane Grey and Queen Mary, we have discussed that Elizabeth had witnessed the tragic consequences of marriages of Jane Grey and Queen Mary, and she did not like these tragedies for herself.
Nov 2015
.Chances are the average British subject of the era gave a broad wink anytime they heard the phrase "virgin queen".
She was officially a virgin, legally that was all that counted. These days one could become officially a member of the opposite sex.
Dec 2015
Not disagreeing with any of the above; but someone did convincingly suggest that Thomas Seymour's sexual aggression put Elizabeth off sex.
Mar 2019
Not to mention the catastrophic (for her) consequences of that "dalliance". Removed from the only family she had, questioned at length by men keen to use her as a political pawn and the death of Seymour. Talk about an object lesson in why not to have a fumble. Elizabeth was extremely politically astute, not least about her own survival which was never as certain as the luxury of history may make it seem
Her virginity afforded her protection, I dont think she'd have been so quick to give that up.


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Apr 2017
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I wonder what kinds of contraception were available or failing that, what kinds of abortion that could be kept secret.