Was Emperor Elagabalus a Transgender?

Sep 2019
As for the 'two natures', I'll repeat what I said earlier in this thread, that the unusual nature of the invective, with no basis in ancient tropes/cliches, could suggest a basis in reality. One might retort with the assertion that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but such is more suited to science than ancient history. If we dismissed every curious claim in ancient history with that maxim we would have rather little ancient history. Speaking as someone with an ancient history PhD, the standards are simply different by virtue of the quality of the evidence. The straight-up dismissal of something because it doesn't match scientific standards of evidence is not conducive to the discipline. Ultimately, there is room for informed speculation.
Do we at least agree that it would have been implausible for public outings of overt receptive/passive “homosexuality” in roman society in the position of Antoninus?
Sep 2014
I don't have a strong opinion on whether this is plausible or implausible. It would certainly be taboo.
but apparently he did which was what got him killed at 18....that and his attack on the Vestal Virgins. I think most Romans probably looked upon him as an interesting sort of gossip...the kind you laugh at over beers/