Was guerilla warfare possible before the 20th century?

May 2019
I would classify much of the Yakima War (1855-1858) as guerilla warfare. Raids by indigenous warriors on Anglo settlements and outposts, followed by melting away into the countryside and maintaining continued mobility and hit-and-run attacks on US troops.


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Jan 2017
Philippines /American war
after initial defeat the Philippino president switched to guerilla war with notable success and victories at Paye, catubig and Pulang Lupa
American losses and the lack of progress made Mc Kinley consider evacuation
Mac Arthur introduced a severe repression and stabilized the situation

One of the consequences of the war was the demand by field officers for a more powerful handgun , to stop cold dead a man charging with a machete
this led to the development and adoption of the Army colt 1911

The French in Northern indochina had no end of trouble with the "black Flags" rebels , until they eventually silded to outright banditry and lost the peasants support