Was it a mistake for Russia to ally with France in the 1890s?

Was it a mistake for Russia to ally with France in the 1890s?

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Feb 2014
Germany was dumb for allying with Austria. Italy, Russia, and Germany all could gain from partitioning Austria just like how Poland was partitioned. Hungary could be made a buffer state for Russia to separate the others from their Balkan interest
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Jan 2017
It all seems to be a bit of lack of imagination
getting the three Empire to work together or at least in the same general direction didn't seems like an impossible task

I honestly believe that territorial expansion wasn't really high on the agenda
as for Poland , neither of the three had any major concern with it's fate beside keeping it down
It's not obvious than any of the three wanted more of it .

the Balkans were , as always , a general pain in the butt but some understanding and wariness could have defused some problems

Austria certainly had a lot of luggage to carry , Prussia had no compulsion to kick sand in their face in 1866
still , they were brothers , sort of
the Austrian Empire was also an excellent market , some custom treaty would have been much to the advantage of Germany
all the East of the Rhine could have been a major non hostile area ......pity

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