Was one WWII opponent "Germany" or "Nazi Germany"...

Oct 2019
I'm new here. For certain much has been said about my topic. How, at Historum, would I access what has already been written?


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May 2014
Nazi Germany and Germany are one country. Nazi Germany is simply referring to what Germany was in 1933-1945 when it was under Nazi rule. Hence the adjective Nazi to describe the noun Germany.


Jan 2018
I figure calling our enemy in WW II the Nazis or Nazi Germans rather than just plain Germans is letting the Germans off the hook. It's like saying that in 1846 the Democrats made war on Mexico.

I have to start the AJP Taylor books on Germany I bought last year; they've just been laying about.
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Aug 2016
^That could very well be the case. Nazi Germany is an aberation. Germany is the norm. It may have been to let post-war Germans off the hook, or it may have been to distinguish Hitler's Germany from German-Americans who had nothing to do with Naziism. It could have also been a way of saying we are at war with the Nazi government but not the German people.

I've been comparing Nazi Germany to Communist Russia or Communist China. Communist Russia distinguishes the Soviet Union from Czarist Russia, but why not just say Soviet Russia or the Soviet Union? Communist China does make more sense because there is or was a non-Communist China in Taiwan. No one ever described East Germany as Communist Germany.
Apr 2014
Liverpool, England
It is a while since I have looked at one, but there used to be British comics including stories set during the Second World War in which the enemy was invariably referred to as the Nazis - never the Germans. I presume this was to make a distinction between the enemy of 1939-45 and our gallant German allies in NATO.

No-one seems to have answered the original question. To find out what has been said about a topic before, you can use the search box at top right.
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Sep 2019
Of course, "entire country" of Germany was at war at the time of war.

To say years later which individual Germans should now be punished for crimes in the past is another matter.
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Aug 2013
Lorraine tudesque

The Hitler are coming and going but the German people and state remain.