Was the ancient Egyptian civilization economy based mostly on selling sex??

Aug 2019
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Remember learning about the ancient Egyptian civilization in year seven? Wasn't the ancient Egyptian civilization one of the first proper advanced civilization in the world. I was told the ancient Egyptian civilization was one great big prostitution racket centered around the sale of sex of white European women to black African men. I was told the ancient Egyptians sailed by boat from North Africa to Europe to gather young white European girls to bring back to Egypt to pimp out and sell sex to the Black African men in exchange for gold and diamonds. According to my friend legend has it black African men traveled from all over the African continent to trade goods and treasures of value like gold silver and diamonds to the Egyptians in return for sex with a young white European girl.

I say young white European girl because from 5000 B.C to the time of Jesus during ancient history time periods life expectancy wasn't great and the average age a person died at was 20-25 years old. In Ancient civilizations a 13 year old boy was considered a man. A 12 year old girl was considered a woman. In ancient Egypt all the pharaohs were young teenagers, all the sex slaves were young teenagers and all the warriors were young teenagers. So imagine back then what society would have been like with no mature adult supervision controlling the consumption of Alcohol and how vicious immature and cruel Children and young teens can be. Just think what lengths an horny African teenager would have gone to in order to get to **** a beautiful teenage white girl with long flow straight hair.

Apparently business was that good for the ancient Egyptians at the peak of ancient Egypt civilizations there was immensurable levels of wealth in the ancient Egyptian society hence why all the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were buried with so much gold in their tombs.

The ancient Egyptian civilization was a society with elites and slaves. The offspring of the white female sex slaves and black African punters were probably born into a life of menial labor and used as labor to build ancient Egyptian landmarks like the Pyramids and the Sphinx. How the Jews fit in to this as slaves I'm not sure but both the ancient Egyptians and Jews were some of the first tribes in the ancient Mediterranean world to work out how to navigate at night using the stars in the sky as a guide.

This flesh trade society based by the river Nile was such a highly lucrative trade mainly due to two facts, first the Ancient Egyptians had a monopoly on the sale of sex from white girls in Africa and second during this part of Ancient history black African men were yet to learn how to build wind powered sailing sea vessels capable of traveling long distances by sea so this lack of seafaring ability prevented the black Africans from by-passing the Ancient Egyptians and traveling to Europe direct to trade their gold and diamonds for white sex slaves.

Because it was said the ancient Egyptians were so capable at building wind powered seafaring vessels to sail across the Mediterranean sea from the top of North Africa to European destinations on the other side of the Mediterranean sea to purchase young white girls as sex slaves and transport the girls back to Egypt when the decline of the ancient Egyptian began to happen the elites of ancient Egyptian society packed as much gold and other treasures as they could on to their boat's and abandoned their civilization by the Nile and sailed to modern day Russia to start a new civilization as far as away from Africa as possible.

It's a common set of conspiracy theories that Ancient Egypt gained all it's wealth from selling sex between white women and black men and that the elite inhabitants of Ancient Egypt abandoned Egypt to sail with all their treasures and wealth to Russia.


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This racially charged post is offensively and provocatively phrased,