Was there another Major European war between 7th Coalition and the late 1800's? (I.E. 1880)

Oct 2019
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Generally the Napoleon wars went on for awhile until 1815 (and smaller left overs until 1820) with the 7th coalition. This was considered the last major European war involving a decent number of countries (excluding eastern European specific ones) until World War 1.

However, between 1830-1880 there was a major technological leap in weapons that gave Europe for many countries and a major lead increasing the gap with the rest of the world considerably. This lead to annexations, further colonial ambitions in Asia and especially Africa, and set up how the wars would be fought up till World War 1.

So what' I'm wondering is, was there another Major European war with multiple state post 7th coalition and before 1880 that as a consequence, caused a major military evolution?
Feb 2019
The obvious example would be the Crimean War in the 1850s. There were also wars of the German and Italian unifications and several interventions in various revolutions in various countries but they were not necessarily pan-European wars. I'm not sure how much of a military evolution Crimea caused.


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May 2016
There were some wars with more than two States:

Crimean War;

Schleswig Wars;

Austro-Prussian War;

Franco-Prussian War...
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Aug 2016
If your interest is military technology, you don't need a war between multiple powers. The Franco-Prussian War of 1870 also demonstrates the effects of new weapons on tactics.
Oct 2015
In addition to tactical changes, there was the profound effect of railroads on mobilization, deployment and logistics which was demonstrated in the Franco-Sardino-Austrian War of 1859 as well as 1866 and 1870. Probably just as important was the Prussian development of a professional General Staff. Railroads and a General Staff that could recruit, train, mobilize, command and supply them made huge conscript armies of a million or more possible. This was demonstrated in 1870 and all the powers copied it.
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