Was Viking king Halfdan the Black an African?


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Jun 2009
western Terranova
well remember that, back then, the word "black" didnt just refer to the color or ethnicity we know today. its also meant evil, wicked, things like that. in fact, who gave halfdan his epithet, anyway? it may very well have been his victims calling him evil
Sep 2009
United States
Outlandish as it seems there is a book based on this theory. What are your thoughts on this?


I don't believe that you can say someone was black just because the epithet that is given to them is that color. I'm sure we all know that Erik the Red's skin color wasn't actually red.

This book is a work of fiction and not claiming to be strongly based on history, right? From what I saw it claimed to be a novel.


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Jul 2006
Personally i don't believe it but think it would be an interesting issue to discuss. The book's not a bad read either

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