Was World War I worth it?

Mar 2019
Victoria, Australia
Just going to post my own opinions about World War 1 in terms of whether or not it was "worth it".

The Congress of Vienna had, in many ways, shaped the borders and countries of Europe prior to World War 1 with very few territorial changes between it's set up at the end of the Napoleonic wars and the start of WWI. However, a lot of issues where left completely unresolved. These include Limburg (by Belgium, Netherland and Germany), Eupen-malmedy (Germany, Belgium), Saarland, Alsacen & Lorraine (France and Germany), East Prussia (Poland, Prussia), etc.... Plus, there was a lot of nationalist sentiments in some minorities that were an obvious issue. Particularly the minorities in the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empire is worth noting here.

Whilst in many ways WWI is an odd war since almost everyone believe to be fighting a defensive war, it had a lot of purpose in that it helped resolved centuries worth of conflicts and issues. However, the treaty of Versaille similarly fail to address most of these issues and failed to calm the situation post-war by insisting on a humiliating and unreasonable demand on Germany (which would have been fine if the Allies actually enforced it, their policy of appeasement and all that in the 1930s, In my opinion largely undermined them both international diplomatics and politically).

Similarly, WWI allowed for a lot of new ideas, technologies and ways of thinking to appear. Cars, Planes, Electronics were all highly stimulated by the war. It also finally decided to end the whole "Line warfare" that the European countries had been party to.

So, as a whole, yes it accomplished quite a lot and in my opinion, a lot more than World War 2, which insofar as the European theatre was concerned is little more than a tantrum.

However, the next question to ask ourselves is whether or not this could have been entirely avoided. And to that, the answer is yes. However, I think that many countries were too arrogant or proud to actually do what was necessary and avoid war. Something that we see still today when countries refuse to accept things or help things in some twisted idea of pride or something. (Denial of genocides is one that often goes on this list).
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