Watch the Fox TV Special: Did we land on the moon?

May 2008
Hi all,
If you've never seen it, you can now watch the Fox TV Special "Conspiracy Theory Did we really land on the moon?" on Google Video, at this link:

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It is very interesting.

And you can also see Bart Sibrel's interviews with some astronauts here in this other 51 minute documentary:

[ame=""]Did we really land Men on the Moon?[/ame]

Though many of these films' points can be explained away, one thing that hasn't been explained is why Neil Armstrong said in a press conference that he couldn't see the stars from the moon with the naked eye. Also, when Thomas Baron was about to expose NASA to Congress, he and his family were hit by a train in a car and killed. And his 500 page report was gone. That was never explained either. After all, who gets killed in a car hit by a train on accident? That doesn't make any sense.


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Mar 2008
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Yikes! Enough with the conspiracy theories already. If it isn't the Moon landings, it is the JFK assassination, or UFOs, or governments deliberately spreading the AIDS virus, or poisoning children with flouride in the water, or some other foolishness. The average person's capacity for ignorance astounds me. Just because someone makes a "documentary" to spread their crackpot notions doesn't make those notions plausible. At least in this forum, I would hope we were beyond this tripe...
Feb 2008
WWu7, there are plenty of outlets for conspiracy theories on the net.

This is not one of them.

If you want to talk about some more serious topics, go ahead.


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Dec 2006
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Historum is not a platform for the advancement of conspiracy theories. Please limit your posts to the discussion of established historical fact, otherwise I will have to put your account on probation.

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