Weak Latin America

Nov 2017
Geneva, Switzerland
As we all know, Latin America is one of the most powerful regions in the world.
Home to one of the only superpowers that survived the Cold War, Brazil.
It has in the South of the continent some of the most developed nations of the world like Argentina, Chile that together of the Nordic countries are an example of the state of social welfare.
Colombia and its paradisiacal beaches that overshadow the beaches of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.
Peru and Bolivia that attract millions of tourists to see the Aztec ruins.
Paraguay has become one of the largest tax havens along with Switzerland.
In the north of the continent, Caracas is the capital of Venezuela that together with Dubai have become futuristic metropolis.

So I ask how latin America can become a weaker and less developed region

Have fun
Nov 2017
Geneva, Switzerland
[QUOTE = "WhatAnArtist, post: 3162849, member: 42033"] Eu realmente não sei dizer se esse post é sarcasmo ou não. [/ QUOTE]
it's just for fun


Ad Honoris
May 2014
I genuinely can't tell if this post is sarcasm or not.
I think that this might be a DBWI. As in, a Double-Blind What If--where we pretend that history unfolded in a different way in comparison to real life and nevertheless ask about what would have happened had history unfolded "differently."