Academic Guidance Weakest areas during university studies?


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Dec 2015
During our basic education, we usually have to take courses that we do not particularly like.
Back in Hong Kong, music, fine arts (drawing and some crafts), and some basic carpentry or Design and Technology were assumed.
As far as music is concerned, I have a passable singing voice and some acquisition with piano; ironically, I enjoy listening to something that I cannot play, such as harp, flute, clarinets, marimba, and something relatively exotic.
It was the only artistic area that I did reasonably well.
I sucked in fine arts and crafts at school, and my secondary school (Hong Kong) grades were quite average (with the notable exception of Geography and Economics and Public Affairs).
I finished my High School Diploma not in flying colours, but with 3 85 and 2 in their 70s, it was enough to land in the Faculty of Arts.
My Year 1 was filled with blunders in my weakest links:
English 100 and Earth Science 101 (if I recall correctly) were done with bare pass. (4 on a 9 point system).
Arts History (the introductory course) was done with a 5 on a 9 point system.
Fortunately, two 8 (the Introductory Calculus and the Introductory World History), three 7 (Canadian Studies, Human Geography, and Sociology, all introductory level) kept my university study alive.
Then, Year 2.
I took the blunder of taking the next level of Calculus, and I got the disgraceful 4 out of 9.
I would call all the 4 and 5 academic blunders; they were rare beyond the second year, but the only other blunder was Phonetics in Linguistics.
Since I don't get beyond 6 for most literature classes (the one exception was 7 in a teenage literature class), literary analysis may be my weak link as well.
I also disliked the Historical Linguistics and the Arts History class.
What are your weakest areas during university studies if you enrolled or enroll at universities?
Is avoiding our weakest links ever possible in academic studies?
With 121 in verbal IQ (barely in the "mildly gifted" range) and 91 (barely in the normal range) in performance IQ, I perform quite unevenly academically.
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Sep 2012
We're quite lucky in the UK to not have to take many compulsory classes outside of our area (I know there is mandatory maths and stuff in the US, which sounds horrible).

My weakest marks were in a first year history class (I missed an essay deadline and failed the course) and a second year Japanese language class (because Japanese is ridiculously hard). Everything else has been fairly solid. I ironically did quite well in the one class I was forced to take outside of my area, which was Comparative Politics.


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Jun 2014
At my university, it was required that you take "core" classes in areas other than your major. My struggle was with a chemistry class. I had no interest in the subject, which probably made the situation worse.


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Apr 2011
I was not weak in any area of my college study. I started college at the age of 27 and I was mature enough to know what I had to do and how to study. I finished college at number 5 in my class and I owe it to being an older student when I started.


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Oct 2011
Gwendraeth Valley, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
I was not weak in any area of my college study. I started college at the age of 27 and I was mature enough to know what I had to do and how to study. I finished college at number 5 in my class and I owe it to being an older student when I started.
I can appreciate your post as I had worked for eleven years before going to teacher training college age 26. Study is enjoyable and mature student life fun after working since school.:)


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Oct 2010
Advanced calculus. computer science was still recently parted from the math dept at my uni, so advanced calculus was forced on us in first year, because it was 'good for you' like fibre, while I did well at math in High school I really didnt see the piont and just didnt apply myself.


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May 2013
Albuquerque, NM
My lowest grades as an undergraduate were in Chemistry. As a post-graduate and graduate student, my grades were north of 3.8 ... in memory serves.
Jan 2016
United States, MO
As an Undergrad, there were a few classes that gave me more trouble than I anticipated. The first was Computer Interface Systems or something. It was honestly just basic stuff about word and excel, i guess I just didnt take it seriously enough and so I found the class quite frustrating.
The second was public speaking, I am still a little resentful about that one. my teacher was quite restrictive about our topics and on the final speech I got top marks for my delivery, but he gave me a B for a flaw in my arguement, but I was just mad because he wouldn't let me give a history lesson as my speech. I still need to get over that, it stokes my passion just remembering it.

The third class was physical geography. Now I was interested in the subject. Especially river and mountain formation, but my professor was a climatologist, so the tests went into great detail about cloud types and polar vortexes. I just couldn't keep up with the details. I can still recall his voice saying Dew Point Temperature in his Quebec accent.

As for artistic ability, I used to think I could sing, but my girlfriend told me I couldn't :) that was a hard pill to swallow, but good for my ego which still needs work.
Mar 2012
my weakesr back in high school was Maths, as i always passed with lowest possible score. That changed in Uni though, i've started to grow fond of Maths and got really high scores (more advanced maths than high school). and i love statistics! (except the damn probability lol)