Weapons That Didn't Pan Out

Lord Fairfax

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Jan 2015
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I'm talking about weapons or weapon systems that were predicted to have a major impact on the battlefield but failed to meet expectations
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Bob Semple Tank, just by looking at it we can see how great it was. I don't know if it was ever deployed though.
How do you know that it didn't work?
For what was expected, it might have done a decent job. :think:


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Jan 2011
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Yes, the superlative M-2, the tank had 37mm turret + up to NINE MG's...

Even more embarrassing, not a mid 30's tank, it was introduced in 1941. :confused::confused:

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I hadnt read the Wiki for that one, although i've always had a soft spot for from the number of B and W Hollywood movies it turned up in, charging to victory over the foreign hordes, usually involving the Marx brothers.

Id never noticed this little gem from the wiki

Bullet deflector plates were installed over the rear fenders. The idea behind these plates was that the tank could drive over a trench, and the rear sponson machine guns could then fire onto the plates; the bullets would deflect into the trench or the area directly behind the tank.[8] Like the sponson machine guns themselves, the deflector plates turned out to be useless.[9] However, the idea was used again on M5 light tanks in the Normandy campaign.


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Jan 2011
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On the subject of clever men avoiding front line service by coming up with too clever by half ideas has anyone mentioned the vortex cannon?

Designed and built by the Austrian Doctor Zimmermayr, the Vortex Gun was a large mortar barrel sunk in the ground. Its shells contained coal –dust and a slow-burning explosive.
The idea was that these shells would create an artificial tornado which would knock enemy planes out of the sky. Zimmermayr was inspired by tornadoes bringing down even large planes.
Experiments were conducted in laboratories at Lofer in Tyrol. The theory behind the weapon appeared sound and the Vortex Gun did seem to work in ideal circumstances.
The explosion of coal dust was indeed able to start a tornado, but it was unsure whether such pressure was enough to disable a plane.
A prototype with an estimated range of 100 meters (329 feet) was produced. It was never used in combat, though similar weapons were deployed against Polish resistance fighters.


Jan 2018
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The Yamato class of ships (including Shinano) didn't exactly pan out...
I wonder if the ineffectiveness of the ships was because of poor Japanese command decisions and if they should've been used in the Guadalcanal campaign. They couldn't have come to worse ends than Hiei and Kirishima.