Weapons That Didn't Pan Out

Mar 2019
I wonder if the ineffectiveness of the ships was because of poor Japanese command decisions and if they should've been used in the Guadalcanal campaign. They couldn't have come to worse ends than Hiei and Kirishima.
Well I think for the effort and resources sunk into her and Musashi, the Japanese did not get a good return on the deal
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Dec 2010
Southwest U.S.
The American Mark 14 torpedo was disastrous in the early years of WWII. Among its problems was that it would run too deep or fail to detonate upon impact with the target. It also would occasionally run in a circle and strike the ship that fired it. These problems were later corrected, but they really should have been detected before they were deployed in combat.

Mark 14 torpedo - Wikipedia


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Jul 2011
While a lot of the weapons mentioned here were in themselves failures, many of the concepts they introduced have been outstandingly successful. Fast steam powered submarines, (K class), cruise and ballistic missiles (V1 and V2) for example.
May 2019
Has anyone mentioned the Nock Gun? Was intended to increase the lethality of ships crews but, from what I've heard, didn't end up being very popular and was retired from service after comparatively minimal use.

Nock gun - Wikipedia

I'd also add the Puckle Gun to this thread if that hasn't been mentioned:

Puckle gun - Wikipedia
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Jan 2017
the Puckle gun was a "nearly there" type of invention ,
with a bit of common sense and support for its development it could have been significant


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Jan 2011
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heroic mention has to go to the M551 Sheridan.

Air dropping a tank with an aiming system that breaks if you drop it? - check!

A tank with less armour than most Humvees? - Check!

A rocket main gun that lobs its rockets off anywhere except where you were aiming because the sights break when you drop it or fire it, oh amd sometimes the rockets dont work? - check!

Still not as bad as the Sergeant York though!