Wearing glasses


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Mar 2012
Last month I downloaded the 8 seasons of TV series called "Castle". Something to see in the evenings. What caught my attention is this - I can't remember a single leading person in all those 200+ series wearing glasses! Why so?
I know that polit correctness rules the media. No one smokes, we see some percentage of blacks, latinos and orientals among the actors.
Is there a rule - tabu of showing people with glasses?

Bart Dale

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Dec 2009
There was an old saying "Men don't make passes at girls with glasses". In the West, US at any rate, people often wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Actors and actresses, concerned about their appearance, will likely wear contact lenses instead of eye glasses. That way, they don't have to worry about their sight if they get a role playing an ancient Roman or such.

Also, but of a lesser concern than appearance, is that you don't have worry about camera lights reflecting off the lenses. Or the glasses accidentally getting knocked off in a fight scene.

But mostly its about the perception that people look better without glasses. If you look, people in tv shows are generally better looking, better dressed, in better physical shape and less likely to be overweight than the American public at large, unless the role specifically calls for it.
Feb 2017
Devon, UK
Simple answer, in addition to the appearance thing. Glasses tend to be worn (in movies and TV) to indicate a character or professional trait, I'll bet you that at some point in those 200+ episodes they spoke to a librarian (or other designated 'nerd' character) who wore glasses. Authority figures are also often given glasses to wear but will invariably take them off before saying something authoritative.

Even simpler answer, characters wearing glasses are a right royal pain the butt to light for TV (too many reflections and it means changing lighting rigs or using inconvenient camera angles to avoid them, which takes longer and costs more) so characters need to have a good reason to wear them, hence taking them off and waving them around a lot like Poirot and his pince nez.