Weird flag on Croat Partisan Cap


Ad Honorem
Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
Just watching something on the telly. A relatively recent Croatian production called Duga mračna noć (Long Dark Night) happening during ww2 in Croatia.

Never heard of it before, it's got some of the typical errors (Germans having whatever tanks they could find, in this case American) that don't bother me.

I do however have some questions regarding partisan uniforms in the series. The partisans are all wearing "triglavka" caps, which were very popular among Croatian and Slovene partisans. That also means that we're prior to the standardisation of uniforms in 1943. Some of them seem too well dressed. I'm not that familiar with partisans elsewhere than in Slovenia. So how realistic is it that all of these Croatian partisans are wearing triglavkas? A whole unit of partisans had modern Frankfunter patches (today's German black, red and gold flag) and red stars sown to their caps. What's up with that? Some partisan officers of another unit had red enamel stars on their caps which also seem wrong. They look like post war JLA stars. During the war different badges and stars were used, sometimes just taken from Italian uniforms and painted red. The most common were probably stars made of red cloth. How common were enamel stars or badges among Croatian partisans in that period (up to 1943)?

I couldn't find a picture of the Frankfunter patch, but here's one of the enamel star that seems wrong to me.