Weirdest ''reason'' for war

Apr 2010
I started this because apparently the reason for French invasion of Algeria(called algier back then), was that one of the french diplomat was hit by a ''fan'', which france took insult to and asked for apology's, which never came - and then came the french invasion.

Of course, don't get me wrong, thats just an excuse for blatant imperialism, but i still find funny that it is one of the reason given for that conflict.

I also stumbled on the pig war - apparently a war between British canada and America in 1959 after a pig was shot.

The War of the Stray Dog (1925). On the tense border between Greece and Bulgarian Macedonia, a dog strayed away from the Greek soldier who had adopted it and crossed the border. The soldier chased after it and was shot by a Bulgarian guard. Infuriated, Greek soldiers stormed across the border. More than fifty soldiers were killed before the League of Nations intervened and stopped the hostilities.

Any others?


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Jul 2007
I love this sort of stuff ...

We had the Pig War with the US. There was an island off the West Coast that wasn't either Canadian or American, so both were settling there. One day an American farmer comes out and sees a laughing Canadian letting his pig root through the farmer's fields and eating his potatoes. The farmer tells him to clear out and tells him to keep his pig out of the potato patch, so the Canadian says "Keep your potatoes out of my pig!", whereupon the American shoots the pig. That kicked things off, pretty soon there were several thousand troops, a couple of fleets, artillery, the works, all deployed to the island as both sides rattled their sabers. Fortunately no shots fired in the end, though. Not really a "war" but it's called one.


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Mar 2010
War of Jenkins ear between England and Spain. Robert Jenkins had his ear cut off by Spainish coast gaurds he then presented his ear in parliment, and England declared war on Spain to avenge this outrage. This war would lead to the English becoming involved in the Austrian war of Succession'_Ear

The Football war between El Salvador and Hondorus basically roits after the qualifyinig rounds fro the 1970 soccer world cup led to an armed conflict between these 2 countries (3000 dead) [ame=""][/ame][ame=""][/ame]
Dec 2009
As rightly pointed out by the OP and in the good ol' Polybius' immortal wise words, those were "excuses", not "causes" :cool: .

What about La Guerre de Pâtisseries of 1838? [ame=""]Pastry War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame].


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Dec 2009
The Sepoy rebellion was in part sparked by the refusal of native troops to tear the cartridges open with their teeth prior to loading as was the drill. The cartridges were treated with animal fat to make them resistant. The fat used was rumored to be either bovine ( cows sacred to Hindus) or pig ( haram to Muslims) and the soldiers refused to use them.

[ame=""]Indian Rebellion of 1857 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]


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Dec 2009
Battle of Zappolino aka War of the Oaken Bucket 1325

YEAR: 1325
WAR: War of the Oaken Bucket
PLACE: Italy
OPPONENTS: Independent State of Bologna v. State of Modena

PROVOCATION: Regiment of Modena soldiers invaded Bologna to steal a brown oak bucket. During the raid, Modena troops murdered several hundred Bologna citizens. Bologna mobilized, went to war to recover the bucket and restore honor.

[ame=""]Battle of Zappolino - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

Possibly fictitious

La secchia rapita (The Stolen Pail) was written by Tassoni between 1614 and 1615 and first published in Paris in 1622. The poem is loosely based on a 14th century war between Modena and Bologna, but the central episode, in which the Modenese steal a bucket from their rivals, is completely fictitious.
[ame=""]Alessandro Tassoni - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]
May 2010
The defenestration of Prague which occurred in 1618.

It wasn't the sole cause of the Thirty Years' War, but I've always thought it was hilarious.

A high school teacher I had several years ago told a story about an incident that occured when she was teaching the topic to one of her classes back in the 1970's. To get the students involved she had one of the students lean on the window sill. She then began to discuss how the regents of Mathias were thrown out the window by dissenters in Prague. As she said this, she gave a playful push to the student, barely touching him. He didn't expect it, lost his balance, and fell out the window! Luckily, the classroom was on the first floor, so he didn't have much of a fall.
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