Wellington's Greatest Victory

Wellington's Greatest Victory?

  • Assaye

  • Koge

  • Vimeiro

  • Talavera

  • Bussaco

  • Salamanca

  • Pyrenees

  • Vitoria

  • Waterloo

  • Another Battle

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Feb 2016
My bias is at work, so I am in doubt between Vimeiro and Buçaco.

The first was decisive for the end of the First French Invasion, the second battle to end the third invasion.

The Buçaco is the battle that I studied more, so I would say Buçaco.
Bussaco was definatly a key moment for the Portuguese.
Mar 2015
I would have chosen Vittoria but he made a mistake in handing over the one obvious escape path over a bridge to a Spanish Commander (I forget the names). The Spanish forces predictably did their own thing and abandoned the bridge before any French forces were in sight. The net result was that annihilation of the French was meerly a rout.

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