Were infected blankets given to Native Americans?


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May 2013
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Have aboriginal populations been decimated by diseases introduced by contact with outsiders? Yes. This is pretty much true across the board, with a few exceptions. Actually, its a two-way street with the outsiders carrying away with them aboriginal diseases. Unfortunately the risks are far greater for the aboriginal who far less effective medical resources than their more developed discoverers. Our annual flu season generally is a result of viruses that develop in isolated rural communities, and then spread via the Transportation Revolution. During WWI the Spanish Lady spread around the world in a very short time wiping out whole communities, even in isolated arctic villages. During the Black Death transportation was slower and populations had fewer immunity's, it took sometimes years for the pandemic to reach out and kill ye.

No one seriously suggests that there was a Turkish conspiracy to kill off a sizable part of the European population, though they might insist that colonized aboriginal societies were intentionally murdered in their millions as a matter of policy. Nazi Germany certainly had a legal policy to exterminate the Jewish People and others. The Ethnic Cleansing of modern times is more efficient, but little different than what happened to the losers six thousand years ago and ye can pick your own location. There is no real comparison between such horrendous examples and the unfortunate effects of a history filled with inter-group conflicts. The original cave man got sick and soon the whole tribe was puking their guts out; so who decided to infect those noisy neighbors who had been encroaching on the tribes favorite hunt?

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Oct 2013
Thank You, Edratman, Chlodio.

The pleasant surprise is that I learned (only now!) that the very name of "vaccine"/"vaccination" originates in the latin "vaca" - cow: the inoculation of smallpox virus was replaced with inoculation of cowpox, which was later replaced vaccinia virus.

On the other hand, I still have some doubts on the veracity of the infected blankets story. ...
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