Were the Hyksos the Hebrews?

Sep 2014
Only coming from the horse angle, I would say no. The Hykos introduced the horse to Egypt and I can say based on allegiances and allies of that time, the Hykos were allies of the Hittites. Ashquelon is particularly damned by the Egyptians.

During the time of Akhenation who was allied with the Vedic Indians/Mittani we hear of a guy name Dahu or something like that attacking Jerusalem. He has some guys with him who could be the Hebrews. But the Torah specifically tells the Hebrews to not bring horses out of Egypt (one of the reasons I don't believe in Solomon...he did but wasn't punished).

Except for the very mythical Solomon who may and probably was a recreation of a Hebrew Cyrus the Great, horses were not a part of the Hebrew culture. The famous stables at Mamshit were Roman era stables not Davidic.

So I firmly don't believe the Hykos were Hebrews. No one ever accused the Hebrews of being horsemen.

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