Were the Mauryans vassals of the Seleucids?

Apr 2018
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here you go, seems to have been a popular motif of depicting mahaut getting attacked by spearman from the back through the ages in the indian art, nothing but an artistic rendition, as i already stated. That coin also resembles saurashtra coin and typical indian art and nothing else, nothing greek about it as well.

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Painting of mahout under attack from spearman, Mughal dynasty, India, late 16th century. The British museum, London

Stock Photo - . English: Painting illustrating an elephant with his mahout attacked by a spearman on horse. Void background. No text. Painted in opaque watercolour on paper. Two miniatures

as i said europeans need better research.

Ashoka, I don't quite see the point you are making here... Sure, attacking the mahout may have been a "theme", as you say. Man Singh's mahout is also depicted as being killed by Rana Pratap's spear in Haldighati. But how does this "theme" suggest that a howdah was used in war, back then. If a howdah was used, I would have expected the cavalry soldier to pierce a mahout located in a howdah on the elephant.

Sure, the Europeans may need better research, but you also need to look at the evidence at hand carefully, before jumping to conclusions...

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