Were the "Sea Peoples" and the Philistines the same people?

Jan 2013
Minas Tirith
They seem a lot alike,the Helmets they wore were suposidly plumed like those of the Sea People. I think They have have decided to settle down in Canaan after Ramses wiped the floor with Then. What do y'all think?
Jan 2013
Toronto, Canada
You're partially right. The Sea Peoples were a tribal confederacy and the Philistines were one of the tribes, then-called the Polecet. Ramses settled them in Canaan as vassals after defeating them.
Feb 2011
Kitchener. Ont.
... Ramses settled them in Canaan as vassals after defeating them.
Well, thats what people say who have not read the text themselves, even scholars repeat this urban myth which is surprising seeing as they have these texts at their finger tips.

Ramesses claims to have "made the Peleset as ashes". Evidence for widespread burning and dispersal across the Shephelah was unearthed by Finkelstein.
Those who were "taken captive .... and brought to Egypt" were only identified as the Sherden and the Weshesh. It should also be noted however that Canaan was not Egypt.
There was no settlement in Canaan by the Egyptians, it was a buffer zone hardly the place to settle your enemies, the buffer zone must be populated by those loyal to yourself otherwise it serves no purpose.

And to give reason to the question by DS1967, the Peleset (Philistines) seem to have originated from the Amuq valley, just east of Alalakh on the northern bend of the Orontes.
This area was within the Aegean sphere of influence, likewise we know it had also been in the Hittite sphere of influence. In fact in his most recent work Trevor Bryce (The World of the Neo-Hittite Kingdoms, 2012), he rightly identifies the Peleset as Neo-Hittite.
Which is quite consistent with the role Ramesses III assigned to these 'Sea Peoples' in his texts. That they were allies of the Hittites who had descended through Amurru southward towards the Egyptian frontier.