Were there any other parts of North America that used to be malarial swamps?

Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
FYI, we can't talk about genetics on this forum.
This is genetic mutations that occur in individuals living in areas of high malaria occurrence/fatality (selective pressure) - not necessarily relating to any one particular ethnic group. But if genetics of any kind can't be mentioned here, then maybe just substitute the phrase "genetic variants" with "hemoglobin disorders" (which essentially is the basis of the resistance) ... or, perhaps, my favorite: "magical powers"?
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Aug 2015
Chalfont, Pennsylvania
the Yazoo delta was a malarial death zone ,
when drained it became one of the most productive agricultural land of the US

So the Mississippi Delta region in Mississippi - not to be confused with the Mississippi River Delta in Louisiana - was a malarial swamp before being drained. Your video of Ode to Billy Joe made me research the song, and this thread at another site is the result. Geography | MovieChat


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Mar 2013
That's still over 50 times less than Florida's current population, though.
And the entire earth has almost 7x the population of 150 years ago. Florida current population is quite dense compared to most U.S. states but the year round sunshine and pesticides allow good agricultural output- not sure how many oranges, peanuts, and strawberries it takes to feed a population but Florida might have enough arable land with modern crops to support itself so is not so totally reliant on important food as many other densely settled places.
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May 2017
The reason that you think about swamps in early Florida history is because the early French and Spanish were looking for treasure and such and could not support their selves . They believed that the native populations would feed them . That did not work out so the were wedded to the coast , most early colonies were weakened by hunger and disease . Food supplies were shipped in from Cuba and Santa Domingo . The early history is riddled with desertions and mutinies . Maybe if they had settled away from the coast they would have fared much better.
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