Western Regions.Independence states or a part of Han Dynasty

May 2012
I think it is debate topic even in decades in future.Two year ago,one scientists group of Chinese government claimed that Han Dynasty controlled Western Region states by a Protectorate of Western Regions from 60BC.It is a reason why Taagepera gave 6,000,000 km2 and 6,500,000 km2 for Maximum area of Western and Eastern Han(with around 1,000,000 km2-1,200,000 km2 of Western Regions).However,other historians like Zhu Shuyuan said that "laughable" and these officers "only exist on paper".
Historians Dismiss Chinese Claims to Xinjiang Based on Han Dynasty Literature
In my opinion,Han Dynasty never controlled even a half all 36 states which Ban Gu recorded in his books, like Zhu Shuyuan showed,they never got any tax money from these states.Each states had an individual king and Protectorate of Western Regions himself never set any king.These states spoke their tradition language and used their regulations .No where spoke or wrote by Chinese text or imitated Han regulations,too(Han Dynasty didn't has a code like Roman).
Another point is about military right.I wanted to talk about it in my old topic from answer of heavenkhan but i had so little time.He said that Protectorate can controlle armies of states but it isn;t true.He hadn't this right.All warriors who took part in campains of Han only with agreement of their king.In fact,their king could reject this.In case of that,Protrctorate can't do anything.Morever,No less than 10 times Han messengers at Western Region died.
For hackneye,until now,there isn't any Chinese bamboo slips in Han Dynasty age which found in Xinjiang.All slips from this regions dated at least from Jin Dynasty.No Han Dynasty cash had been found at there,too.