What are in your opinion the greatest Asian empire ever, not counting the Middle East?


Ad Honorem
Jun 2014
I'll admit I don't know much about the others, but the Mongol Empire was so impressive in its size. And although it was sparsely occupied, it was an empire in every sense of the word. Anybody who defied the Khan would see the Horde riding towards its city with no quarter.
Aug 2016
The WW2-era Japanese empire was nothing to trifle with. The Mauryans and Mughals were both very powerful. I'm not sure if Britain counts, but most of their empire was in Asia. The Qin dynasty didn't last past it's first emperor, but their Legalist philosophy made them foes you wouldn't want to mess with. Really if Qin Shi Huang hadn't drunk Mercury and and subsequently undermined everything he built, China would be a very different place.
Jun 2015
The Mongols.
The Chinese dynasties didn't conquer beyond China, or similar ethnic groups to the Han.

The WWII Japanese attacked and won against weaker foes, or those who were ill-prepared. Singapore was supposedly impenetrable, and once the Allies pushed them back they were on the back foot in Burma, China, and the Pacific.

If not the Mongols, then the Mughals, or the Khmer Empire.

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