What are some areas of history you wish you were more familiar with?


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Jan 2017
Republika Srpska
We all have our favourite historical topics or topics that we are familiar with and know a lot about. But, what are some topics that you would want to research and gain a better understanding of?

Some of mine are:
Kievan Rus
Colonial America
Germanic kingdoms of Europe
Weimar Republic before the 1930s and the rise of the Nazis
great European wars of the 17th and 18th centuries before the French Revolution (Grand Alliance, Spanish Succession, Quadruple Alliance, Austrian Succession, Seven Years)
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Jan 2017
I know very little about Chinese, Japanese or Korean history, a general overview is in my backlog of history topics.
Haven't got round to reading up on the French Revolution, equal parts idealised and disdained by so many people.
Eastward expansion of Russia, along with the 20th century revolutions.

I could go on, there's just too many topics to research, too many books to read, never enough time.


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May 2014
Learning more about East Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Sub-Saharan African, and Latin American history would all be nice.
Feb 2019
The Anglo-Dutch Wars and the Anglo-Dutch Union after the Glorious Revolution. I always found this period interesting and wanted to learn how the union functioned but never got around to learn it. The only tiny bit of ''knowledge'' I have on this is from watching the Michiel de Ruyter movie.