What are some of your favorite portraits of famous people?


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Oct 2012
For George Washington I prefer either of these two...

Both were painted by Charles Wilson Peale. The first is from 1772 (pre-Revolution) and features Washington in his Virginia militia uniform, the second was painted in 1776 and features Washington in his Continental Army uniform.

The portrait from the first page of this thread is probably more familiar to most people since it is a close match for Washington's image on the $1.00 bill, but it was painted in 1796 when Washington was nearing the end of his life. He looks quite elderly compared to the other two, which were painted when he was still in his prime. It also why I wish one of these two had been used for the U.S. dollar instead.
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Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
It also why I wish one of these two had been used for the U.S. dollar instead.
I think that the main image they use is that one by Rembrandt Peale, Patriae Pater , which was criticized at the time it was painted of being rather flat or inauthentic... he painted it from other likenesses of Washington (including his father's - Charles Wilson Peale - paintings) after G. W. died... I think that people like the sternness and sort of monumental/enduring/immortal aspect of the painting to represent Washington as a government figurehead... not the very living, relatable, real images from his youth.

Did you know he had red hair? LOL. He is forever remembered as an older man with white hair or white wigs as was the fashion... but he was a total ginger!
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Nov 2018
Marie Antoinette


Napoleon crossing the Alps


Peder Wessel Tordenskjold (Thunder shield) (1690-1720)


A Norwegian sailor in the Danish / Norwegian King Frederik’s IV service in the Great Nordic War 1700-1720.

He was knighted at age 25 and ended up as Vice Admiral.

He was a hell of a man, daring as a butcher’s dog and the ladies' man.

The Danes and Norwegians are still arguing about whether he was Danish or Norwegian, but he was born in Bergen.
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Mar 2018
United States Of America

I've always loved this picture of Cesare Borgia. It captures all of his Spanish features.

Another favourite of mine is this one of Lucrezia

This one of Lucrezia is nice I tried to remake with the Tudor Scene Maker From The Website Doll Divine: