What are some of your favorite portraits of famous people?

Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
My favorite equestrian portrait: Bartolomeo Colleoni by Verrochio, standing in Venice. There is a brutal strength in a statue of a condottiere.
I love it when artists use horses to communicate some intangible aspect about their rider. This beast of a horse further enhances Colleoni's bold sort of pose, “shouldering in”, almost like a swagger in the saddle... The horse with its rippling neck and well defined muscling almost echoes the immensity, determination and power of the personality astride it.

I like this image of Theodore Roosevelt for the same reason... he looks so unshakable in the saddle, and the horse under him embodies his dynamic personality, his endless energy and wild spirit...


Or perhaps the horse represents the 40 cups of coffee Theodore's biographer mentioned he drank daily. :think:

Riding the caffeine high? ;)