What Are the Best Books and Sources on Liberian History for a Newbie to the Subject?

May 2016
I'm primarily interested in the early settlements of Americos, their early interactions with the natives and the pretty much anything prior to the 1980 Samuel Doe coupe.

And why does Liberian history seem so overlooked?
May 2015
For starters, try the "Unesco History of Africa", volume 6-8 (available online). Also check the equivalent from Cambridge. At least volume 5 (1790-1870) can be found online.

Edit: If you are willing to pay money you can find a selection of books on Wikipedia.

And why does Liberian history seem so overlooked?
Except of perhaps Sudan and Ethiopia every country south of the Sahara is overlooked.
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Mar 2012
Yötebory Sveriya
There's a lot of developing interest in Liberia, particularly in the last 20 years or so. It's a very interesting history... but also very hard. I have never felt so much anxiety watching documentaries as I have watching those on the subject of Liberia.

While sub-Saharan Africa has largely been overlooked (it's not particularly useful to argue the reasons why, now, IMO), I do think that with the advent of mass media, and its development, especially in recent times, that there will be a lot more development in the future. The vast majority of what has been said on the subject has only been in the last few years; I expect this to accelerate.