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May 2016
As you probably know, in the border between Portugal and Spain there are places that speak local languages and dialects. In Portugal that is the case of Mirandela (a local dialect of the Medieval Leonese), and Barrancos (don’t really know, it is kind of a mix). In Spain there are more but now I recall the “fala” of Valverder del Fresno (with origins in the Galaico-Portuguese – but I have an hard time to understand them!). In Olivença there is supposedly a local Portuguese dialect, but when I talk to the people in the streets and cafés most don’t know much, even if now they are learning Portuguese as a second or third language in school, but that is a phenomenon widespread in the frontier.

Anyway, if I speak Portuguese in Olivença, the persons there have some difficulty to understand me, as is usual in Spain. And if the language and cultural (for instance in the food) connection is made with Spain and not with Portugal…
Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal
Tulius on the borders Portugal and Spain speak the Portunhol but not in all the borders if the portunhol is also spoken in South America the portunhol for example Uruguay

For example, if Portugal has a similar minimum order to England, the inhabitants of Olinvença wanted to belong to Portugal, as Gibraltar should have ordered similarly to England and want to remain as English land.

Portuguese - Portugal - Mirandês Pertual

Pertual »Portugal)

Tulius, I do not know how to speak Mirandese or portunhol, I can only speak Portuguese

I think that the language Portunhol is Portuguese with a mixture of Spanish, I can not say correctly if it is.

Tulius nas fronteiras Portugal e Espanha falam o Portunhol mas não em todas as fronteiras se fala o portunhol tambem se fala na América do sul o portunhol por exemplo Uruguai

Por exemplo se Portugal tem um ordenado minimo similar á Inglaterra mais depressa os habitantes de Olinvença queriam pertencer a Portugal,é como Gibraltar deve ter o ordenado inimo similar á Inglaterra e querem permanecerem como terra inglesa.

Português - Portugal - Mirandês Pertual

Pertual » Portugal )

Tulius eu tambem não sei falar Mirandês nem portunhol,só sei falar português

Penso eu que a lingua Portunhol é português com mistura de Castelhano,não sei dizer correctamente se é.

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