What are you reading? v.2

Jul 2007
The Caribbean Irish by Miki Garcia
The Caribbean Irish explores the little known fact that the Irish were amongst the earliest settlers in the Caribbean. They became colonisers, planters and merchants living in the British West Indies between 1620 and 1800 but the majority of them arrived as indentured servants. This book explores their lives and poses the question, were they really slaves? As African slaves started arriving en masse and taking over servants' tasks, the role of the Irish gradually diminished. But the legacy of the Caribbean Irish still lives on.
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Dec 2010
GHENGHIS KHAN'S GREATEST GENERAL - Subotai the Valiant, by Richard A. Gabriel

Based on information distilled from about 50 books, Gabriel makes a strong case - even if he doesn't say so explicitly - that Subotai was history's greatest general. One key to his success that's emphasized in the book was the extensive use of intelligence supplied by scouts, spies, etc., first to plan campaigns, and then to alter plans on the fly, as conditions warranted. Subotai's Sajo River pincers movement is an example.

Many surprising details in the book. According to Gabriel, Mongol boots did not have heels. He also states that Subotai retired at age 68 and spent his last years not in Mongolia, but instead near the Danube river.
Aug 2017
Currently going through Hilary Putnam's Reason, Truth, History, Brian Hall's text on Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations, and Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model by Schwartz. Last two are more for research/academic purposes while the first is for fun.

I was on a history book binge for a bit but have switched over back to philosophy. Physics and math are always a constant for me though due to my research.