What are your thoughts on this proposal for Israeli-Palestinian peace?


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what im trying to infer is, what jews are doing to muslims today, muslims never did to the jews, they treated them really well, today jews are using western world which always butchered them badly to punish muslims, this is how jews repaid the gratitude of muslims. getting help fom people who butchered them against the people who always treated them well.

Jews were persecuted both in Arab countries and Europe in middle ages. They had to pay Jizya, although they were allowed to live in Middle East because of their good business skills, there are reports of Jews paying Jizya at the end of 1800s in Morocco. There is one famous photo of Mufti of Jerusalem with Adolf Hitler.
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They're not actually advocating banning or suppressing "fake news," though--are they?
It sure seems that way to me.

Conservative critics of the press want more than just a louder voice. They want The New York Times and The Washington Post to go away.

Breitbart News Washington editor Matt Boyle, a zealous prophet of the new right-wing media, said his goal was simple: “The full destruction and elimination of the entire mainstream media.”

What if the right-wing media wins?


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I read the link you posted and I didn't see anyone calling for the banning of "fake news."

Did I miss it somehow? Maybe you could quote the pertinent parts of the article that support this?

This citation didn't do it??

Breitbart News Washington editor Matt Boyle, a zealous prophet of the new right-wing media, said his goal was simple: “The full destruction and elimination of the entire mainstream media.”
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Was he an exception or the rule in regards to this, though?
it’s been amplified by powerful right-wing influencers, far-right racists who want their hateful speech exempt of consequences, Republican politicians commanding legislative hearings, and President Donald Trump himself.
Evidence contradicts right-wing narrative of tech censorship and bias
But when it comes to censoring language and speech, Rick Scott’s ban of the term “climate change” in state agencies earlier this year takes the cake. And how about manufactured terms and euphemisms like "The War on Christianity," "death tax," and "welfare queen," just to name a few? Scientific phenomena are barred from one's vocabulary, while terms manufactured to rile up emotions and shut down debate are promoted ad nauseam on programs like "The O'Reilly Factor."

Right-wing Internet trolls seem to believe that American conservatism has long guarded free speech from liberals, but the opposite is true. Conservatives have always been the ones attempting to censor speech and expression, whether it was criticizing the U.S. government and capitalism, writing a novel with graphic sexuality, or attempting to teach objective science. This is not to say that “political correctness” on the left does not exist and was wholly created by the right. It obviously does exist. However, political correctness is greatly exaggerated by conservatives, because it allows them to make the claim that they are protectors of speech.
America's true P.C. villains: The maddening "censorship" doublespeak of right-wing culture warriors
The president’s call for a Senate investigation into news outlets for publishing unflattering stories about him is an attack on freedom of the press.
Trump Wants to Censor the Media
For the past year, the Trump administration has systematically acted to censor the free speech of public officials and bureaucrats, and nowhere do we see people like Martha MacCallum or Jeff Sessions – who claim to be champions of free speech – acknowledging it.
In December, the CDC was briefed about not including seven terms in their upcoming budget proposal to Congress: these were “evidence-based,” “science-based,” “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” and “fetus.” The latter two omissions – “transgender” and “fetus” – are particularly egregious.
Governmental Censorship in the Age of Trump
A Scientist Who Resisted Trump Administration Censorship of Climate Report Just Lost Her Job
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It does? Your standards must be low.

Corruption in the Palestinian Authority

"Government jobs, which are prized due to the weak private economy, are awarded on the basis of cronyism rather than merit"

"While there is a high import duty on automobiles, it is often escaped by big shots"

"The amount of wasted funds is enormous....."

"Moneys are spent on non-existent entities, and here’s the best example: “salaries and raises were paid to employees of an airline company that no longer exists on the ground.”

"Finally, there is the case of the Presidential Palace (pictured above). This giant edifice—50,000 square feet for the Palace itself plus another 40,000 in other buildings—cost the bankrupt Palestinian Authority $17.5 million. The public uproar forced President Mahmoud Abbas to convert the edifice into a public library. As the report states, “Honorable as it may sound to convert the presidential palace into a public library, it remains to be the epitome of misuse of public funds as well as a bad example of lack of prioritization.”

World Report 2018: Rights Trends in Israel and Palestine

"PA security services arrested dozens of journalists, activists and opposition members. In September, the PA detained for seven days human rights defender Issa Amro over a Facebook post. Amro also faces charges in Israeli military court for his role in a protest. In June, the PA issued a new cybercrime law, granting the government vast authority to control online activity and blocked access in the West Bank to at least 29 news websites affiliated with Hamas and Fatah factions opposed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Complaints persisted of torture and ill-treatment carried out in the West Bank by PA security services. Arbitrary arrests and torture violate legal obligations that the state of Palestine assumed after it ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention against Torture in 2014."

"The Independent Commission for Human Rights in Palestine (ICHR), a statutory commission charged with monitoring human rights compliance by the Palestinian authorities, received 205 complaints of torture and ill-treatment by PA security forces...."

World Report 2019: Rights Trends in Israel and Palestine

"In April, the PA amended a cybercrime law passed the previous year following complaints by civil society groups. The amended law continues to grant the government vast authority to monitor and restrict online activity. The PA also blocked more than two dozen websites affiliated with Hamas and rival Fatah factions."

"In March, the PA repealed legal provisions that stopped prosecutions of alleged rapists, or allowed convicted rapists to escape punishment, if they married their victims. The PA also prohibited reducing sentences for serious crimes against women including murder done in the name of “honor.” However, discrimination against women in personal status laws and gaps in accountability for domestic violence persisted."

LGBT rights in the State of Palestine - Wikipedia

"A gay Palestinian man called Saif said that "...local Palestinian Authority police are aware and keep files on him and other homosexuals, blackmailing them into working as spies and informants." He reports stories “of guys being called at random and told to come into [Palestinian Authority] police stations, with threats their families would be told about their sexuality if they didn't show up."
Menshevik, I don't see that any of this disproves what was said ie "The PA has many faults, but it does a decent job of maintaining law and order and providing state services ".
It seems that the PA acts to maintain security. It's rule may be too heavy-handed, and with some corruption. Corruption and heavy-handedness are not unknown is Israel. Can you really complain that the PA fails to act to maintain security?

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