What can Egypt do to destroy Afrocentrism?

Jun 2017
My brother did DNA test 2 years ago. He has no sub sahara Haplo Groups. Since we have same parents, same counts for me.

That said, in Egypt we take great pride in our ancestors. It is our roots and you need roots to survive. When someone tries to steal your history, he steals your past, your roots and with that your future and alienates you with your own land.
This is not an argument all Egyptians weren't black. Your case that African Americans had no ties to Egypt is legitimate seeing the great distance between Egypt and West Africa. However not all Egyptians were white either, even if they were in your family. I believe that Egyptians being black is not credible evidence for African Americans claiming ties with all Africans. However some Egyptians(not just the 25th dynasty) were black. Not a legit case to be seen as African American's forefathers seeing the pure geographical concerns but the whole "I'm insulted people think Egyptians are black" really does come off racially tinged regardless of intent.

Egypt is not the only country African Americans have tried this with, and I think you should interpret this more as African Americans trying to find a culture from the old world they could identify with rather than an effort to insult Egyptian people. I was just watching a video yesterday where an African American leader was claiming that "Buddha was African". At the end of the day African Americans lost their history in one of the greatest tragedy's in human history and are looking at all sorts of places and possibilities. If they like your nation and your history and culture inspires them, what's wrong with them claiming Egyptians look like them? As long as they don't do it in historical academia who really cares, it's not like they are hurting anyone? While African Americans are not connected to Egyptians by the scholarly interpretation of race, by the American layman understanding(looking like someone is connection), their case does have merit. I just feel like there's so much more important issues to deal with and while this conversation is interesting and the Afrocentric viewpoint has it's clear bias's that prevent it from acknowledging some truths, the utter glee in which some people go after them on this as if this is some horrible miscarriage of justice rather than a simple misunderstanding of history done for pretty predictable reasons, really does reek of racism to me.
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I would have gotten Nichelle Nichols to play Queen Tiye in a split second. I think they look nearly identical:
I would say Yaya Dacosta or N'Bushe Wright are a bit closer to that statue facially. Both less famous than Nichols of course, but slightly closer to its appearance in my opinion.
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A postive way of dispensing of the Afrocentric nonsense is to talk about real ancient West-African acheivments. Some facts about West Africa:

1) Though not as well kwown as Egypt, West African civilization is extremely ancient, with settlements in the Tagnant area going back 4000 years, Nok culture 3000, and the city of Djenne-Djenno over 2000. Due to being under-appreciated, there is almost certainly ample room for archaeology to drive back these dates and discover new civilizations in the future.

2) Long before colonization, there were amny scripts and prot-scripts in use in West Africa, including Ajami, Adrinka, Nsibidi, and some evidence of Tifinaugh.

3) West African had its own monumental architecture from mud brick. Stone castles were also known, for example, in Gao. It is possible to visit ruins such as the remains of the walls of Benin, Sungo's Eredu, etc.

4) Powerful empires and states existed in Africa such as Ghana, Mali, Sughai, Kanem-Bornu, and the forest kingdoms.

5) Africa had possibly the oldest iron-working in the world, and was at the very least number 2.

6) West Africans built trade routes through the Sahara Desert, making it a profitable venture.
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