What can Egypt do to destroy Afrocentrism?

Mar 2017
United States
There is nothing more laughable than Afrocentrism. Its an insult and disgrace for the egyptian people. There was actually a TV show about it in our TV and tehy say the big problem is, that african americans lack heritage. Tehy dont know where tehy come from and have no roots. Thats the base on this try to usurp the culture of someone else.

There is little that is more insulting for egyptian than this. There are actual laws in egypt that punish this but this doesnt apply to the USA.

Historic facts dont bother them, so research and education doesnt help either.

We actually start to debate if we localize and identifiy people who promote this and issue a ban that they cant enter egypt, but this too would not create the necessary publicity.

So what can be done to destroy this cult?
Simply by presenting the truth as revealed in the archaeological record. Afrocentrists are averse to the truth, because their entire foundation is based upon highly circumstantial evidence and flat out distortion.

The truth shall set you free.
Jun 2017
Thats where you are wrong my friend. A big problem americans sometimes have is that they somehow believe that the opinion of evryone matters and evryone has the right to voice his opinion. They then travel outside their country and in worst case get hit by reality.
I actually agree with you Americans go to far with this and have allowed some really dangerous and horrendous things into the public sphere that shouldn't be there.

That being said, you then complain about Westerners trying to impose their beliefs on you. I don't understand this contradiction.