What can you tell me about the President of Argentina Santiago Derqui?

Sep 2015
According to some research done by a relative, my family is descendant of Santiago Derqui, the first president of Argentina as a united country.

However, I know little to nothing about him, only what I've read on Wikipedia, which is not enough for me.

I would love to know all you can tell me about him and the context of the time: How was Argentina organized as a country? Was Santiago Derqui a good president? What were his most important decisions? Anything you can think of. The only thing I know is that there was something similar to a civil war between Buenos Aires and the rest of the provinces and that he died alone and in complete poverty. I would love to read anything you can tell me about him and the country at the time.

You can also point me out to books or any other information I can read online.

Thank you very much.
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Good question. I'm going to Argentina within a month and look forward to learning more about its history.
Jul 2017
Hi 28/hola 28.
Creo q Derqui asumió la presidencia de un país q no estaba verdaderamente unido. De hecho, las guerras internas por la organización nacional continuaron por un buen tiempo. Al menos hasta la batalla de Pavón en 1880. / I think Derqui assumed the presidency of a country not truely united. In fact, internal wars continued for a while. At least till the battle of Pavón in 1880.