What caused southern California to become such an attractive destination?

Oct 2014
It's the climate here as well as the close attractions and various regions. Within 50 miles of my San Diego County home, I can go to the beach, or the bay, go to the pine-forested mountains (snow in winter), go to the desert, go to the world's greatest zoo, Sea World, Legoland, Disneyland, Baja California, Mexico, all while living where it usually only rains during the winter a little and is almost never humid (like the Atlantic coast). What is the big negative of living here is: the high housing cost, high taxes, high gasoline cost, and crowded freeways if you have to drive to or from the city. I lived here all my life but have briefly lived in Australia and Central California as well as traveled around the world. We have no hurricanes, no tornados, no snow storms (and virtually no snow ever below 3,000'), an occasional earthquake (which I would take any day over the annual threat of a tornado), so nearly a perfect place. It is just the crowds, high costs, and unfriendly government in the state, that is chasing away us native-born Californians.
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