What caused the extinction of the Prussian people?

Feb 2016
Do you mean politically? I'm pretty sure that there are descendants of Prussians today.


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Jul 2011
More the extinction of the Prussian language and to some extent culture. It became Germanified, similar to what happened in what is now the UK and Austria.
Feb 2016
After WWII, Stalin moved the border of eastern Germany further west to protect the Soviet Union from another invasion. The Soviet Union gained eastern Poland and Poland gained eastern Germany (in the Prussian region). Stalin forced the Germans to move out of Poland's new territory.

The areas east of the Soviet Zone of Occupation, mainly Eastern Prussia, Western Prussia, and Silesia were handed over to Poland due to the 1945 Treaty of Potsdam between three of the Allies, the U.S., the UK, and the USSR. This included Danzig, Königsberg, Breslau, and Stettin. The population fled, mostly to the Western zones, or was driven out. The number of casualties is estimated 2 to 4 million, including those who fled the Soviet army during the last months of the war before the 1945 Treaty.
Jun 2016
Just to make it clear who i am talking about:
Old Prussians or Baltic Prussians (German: Pruzzen or Prußen; Prakrit: Prusas; Latin: Pruteni; Latvian: Prūši; Lithuanian: Prūsai; Polish: Prusowie; Kashubian: Prësowié) refers to the indigenous peoples from a cluster of Baltic tribes that inhabited the region of Prussia. This region became the core of the later state of Prussia. It was located on the south-eastern shore of the Baltic Sea between the Vistula Lagoon to the west and the Curonian Lagoon to the east. The people spoke a language now known as Old Prussian and followed pagan Prussian mythology.
Jan 2014
Regnum Francorum (orientalium) / Germany
The original Prussians were conquered by the Teutonic Order and later the area became colonized by settlers from the West who intermixed with the native Prussians and over the centuries the original Prussian population was assimilated. They became Christians and their original language changed from Prussian to German. At the end of WW2 the population either fled to the West or was expulsed to the West or deported as forced workers to Siberia.

Today the descendents from the original Prussians live mainly in Germany.