What contribution did the Medici make to the Renaissance?

Dear comrades:

I am currently planning my essay about the contributions of the Medici family. I have gathered all the information needed in order to write this essay.

For the introduction should I give a brief introduction about the Medici family before I start to write about their contributions?


Ad Honorem
Sep 2010
If your essay is specifically about the artistic contributions to the Renaissance by way of patronage, it may not be all that necessary.

If it is in the context of humanism as a platform for governance, and Medici rule being the medium and propeller of such art output, then maybe a description of the origins of their power base might be key. It might be safe to mention the relationship between partonage and power in this time period (1430-1510), and the Medici (Cosimo, Lorenzo, Piero in the late 15th) where their patronage served to promote an aristocratic ideal based on merit and popular support provided their legitimacy (rather than divine ordain).

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