What country has produced the greatest generals?

Jun 2011
Lets Leave out our home country and any bias. Obviously this will be subjective but lets try and be objective.

I believe France. The Napoleonic Era alone produced a forte of generals that can compete with any nations roster. You have Napoleon, Davout, Messena, Lannes, Ney, Murat, Soult, Lasalle and even Moreau. Then you have other notable generals who were very successful such as Turrenne, The Great Conde, Maurice De Saxe, Vaubun and Lexumberg. Then legendary figures including Joan of Arc, Charlamegne and Charles Martel.

Though they get a bad wrap in modern times, and their last spectacular general may have been way back in WW1 (Foch, perhaps) I believe France has produces some great military leaders.
Feb 2014
Well my answer would be era and conflict based. But overall. Britain-France-Germany (Prussia)-Ancient Rome-Ancient to mediaeval China-Muslim-Byzantine. There were some excellent Greek generals and Russian as well. Numbers alone can be used as a qualifier I suppose. But I like to think in terms of specific individuals. That might include any number of nations to include Sweden-Spain-Vietnam and so forth. It would also include the USA.


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Oct 2009
I believe nationality has little or no influence on someone's potential as a general (or as anything else in life).

So I would say the largest and/or most warlike nations in history, simply because they've produced the most generals.


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Jan 2010
France produced some terrific marshals (mainly 16th-18th centuries); Biron, Lesdigulierres, Montmorency, Brissac, Turenne, Villars, Saxe, Boufflers, Berwick, Vendome, Vauban, Bell I'sle (an underrated marshal imo)...
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Feb 2014
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France has been said earlier in the thread and I agree. Their business is war, and they do their business. Rome is another good one, producing greats like Sulla, Caesar, Scipio, Constantine, Pompey, and so many more.


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Jun 2012
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Grant in the east in the Spring of 1864, for instance? Though by the Spring of 1865 I think he'd made the Army of the Potomac and Army of the James great armies.
The Army of the Potomac was a great and powerful army before Grant got there. Its problem was that it had a long string of poor commanders until Lincoln finally got to Meade in 1863 just before the Battle of Gettysburg.